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Gas/biogas generators

25KWMinimum power

2500KWMaximum power

Applicable Materials:Widely used in national defense, communications, factories and mines, oil, medical, plateau, highway and railroad, field rescue, agriculture and animal husbandry, real estate, construction and other fields

Gas/biogas generators

Product Introduction

Gas / biogas generator is a new type of combustible gas such as liquefied gas, natural gas as a combustion material, instead of gasoline, diesel as the engine power, efficient new energy generator.

Gas / biogas generator set advantages

a) good quality of power generation because the generator work only rotational movement, ESC response speed, work especially smooth, generator output voltage and frequency of high precision, small fluctuations in the sudden addition of air minus 50% and 75% of the load, the unit set into the camel line is very stable. Better than the electrical performance indicators of diesel generator sets.


b) Good starting performance, high start-up success rate from the cold state after a successful start to full load time of only 30 seconds, while the international regulations of diesel generators start successfully after 3 minutes with load. Gas turbine generator set can be any ambient temperature and climate to ensure the success rate of the start.


c) low noise vibration is small because the gas turbine is in a high-speed rotating state, it is very small vibration, and low-frequency noise is better than diesel generators.


d) the use of combustible gas is clean, cheap energy such as: gas, straw gas, biogas, etc., to their fuel generator set not only reliable operation, low cost, and can turn waste into treasure, will not produce pollution.


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