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200KW diesel generator set for engine room environmental protection noise elimination project

Mains power:200KW

Standby power:220KW

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SHILIDE technician for our planning of generators, free and flexible mobile, a good solution to our company's power problems, for our project to create great value, from equipment selection, program design, installation and commissioning, and then operation guidance, the whole process in one go, generator operation is stable, high efficiency of power generation, low noise, very good quality, overall very satisfied!
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Product: SHILIDER diesel generators/machine room environmental protection silencing project

Model: SD220S/National Class II Environmental Protection Standard

Power: Commonly used 200KW/220KW



The diesel engine is a new product of SHILIDER (model: SD220S), the generator is a brand new product of SHILIDER, and the control system of the unit adopts SHILIDER computer LCD control module.

Charges include: maintenance free battery, battery holder, battery connection cable (soft copper), shock absorbing rubber pads, commissioning hours for use on site and general operation and maintenance training.

The unit includes the following basic installation kits and installation: lubricating oil, muffler, smoke extraction system.

The scope and content of the supporting environmental protection muffler project: construction in accordance with the project budget and construction mark drawings determined by both sides of A and B.

Working conditions corresponding to the power of the generator set: below 1000m above sea level and the ambient temperature does not exceed 40°C. When this working condition is exceeded, the output power of the set is allowed to be lower than the value indicated

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