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Mobile trailer generator

20KWMinimum power

1400KWMaximum power

Applicable Materials:Widely used in national defense, communications, factories and mines, oil, medical, plateau, highway and railroad, field rescue, agriculture and animal husbandry, real estate, construction and other fields

Mobile trailer generator

Product Introduction

Mobile trailer-type generator sets can be divided into hand-push vehicle-mounted generator sets, three-wheeled vehicle-mounted generator sets, four-wheeled vehicle-mounted generator sets, car power stations, trailer power stations, mobile low-noise power stations, mobile container power stations, power engineering vehicles, etc.



Traction: Adopt movable hook, 180° turntable, flexible steering and ensure safety in driving.

Braking: With air brake interface and hand crank brake system to ensure the safety in driving.

Support: equipped with mechanical or hydraulic support devices to ensure the stability of the mobile power station operation.

Doors and windows: There are ventilation windows and doors for operators to operate and maintain.


Equipment features

a) Significant low noise performance, generator noise limit of 75dB(A) (1m from the unit).

b) the overall design of the unit compact structure, small volume, novel and beautiful shape.

c) Multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch type sound insulation cover.

d) High-efficiency noise-reducing multi-way inlet and exhaust, inlet and exhaust air channels to ensure sufficient power performance of the unit.

d) Large impedance composite silencer.

f) Large capacity fuel oiler.

g) Ad hoc quick opening cover, easy maintenance.


Start the electric battery

The charging time is allowed to be extended appropriately when one of the following conditions occurs:

(1) battery storage time of more than 3 months, charging time can be 8 hours

(2) If the ambient temperature continues to exceed 30°C (86°F) or the relative humidity continues to exceed 80%, the charging time is 8 hours

(3) If the battery storage time exceeds 1 year, the charging time can be 12 hours

(4) At the end of charging, check if the electrolyte level is sufficient and add standard electrolyte of correct specific gravity (1:1.28) if necessary. When charging the battery, you should first open the battery filter cap or vent cover, and check the electrolyte level, and adjust it with distilled water if necessary.

In addition, in order to prevent the long-term closure of the cell so that the dirty air can not be discharged in a timely manner and to avoid the condensation of water droplets on the inner top wall of the cell, attention should be paid to open the special ventilation holes to facilitate proper air circulation.


Selected on-site cases

Real boutique cases verify the quality of equipment, which can be inspected on site, customized, and professionally configured to provide you with energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective production lines.

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