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Silent Generator

30KWMinimum power

2300KWMaximum power

Applicable Materials:Widely used in national defense, communications, factories and mines, oil, medical, plateau, highway and railroad, field rescue, agriculture and animal husbandry, real estate, construction and other fields

Silent Generator

Product Introduction

A silent generator set, as opposed to an open type generator set, is a device added to it to make the generator soundproof and rainproof.

The open type generator set is enclosed using a housing and soundproof material is glued to the inner wall of the housing.

It is also important to leave air inlet and exhaust to allow the generator set to draw in air and dissipate heat.



a) The noise standard conforms to ISO374.

b) The interior is made of special sound-deadening materials and the built-in silencer makes the structure compact. Good ventilation and anti-radiation structure

c) Specially treated cabinet, fully adaptable to all-weather use.

d) The reasonable position of the box is set with observation window, which is convenient for observation and operation.

e) Specially set shock absorber makes the unit run quietly and peacefully

f) Large capacity base tank saves installation and connection process.


Selected on-site cases

Real boutique cases verify the quality of equipment, which can be inspected on site, customized, and professionally configured to provide you with energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective production lines.

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