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Volvo diesel generator sets use the original imported Swedish VOLVO engine, reliable performance, strong horsepower, green environmental protection

70KVA-625KVACommonly used power

77KVA-688KVAStandby power

Applicable Materials:Widely used in national defense, communications, factories and mines, oil, medical, plateau, highway and railroad, field rescue, agriculture and animal husbandry, real estate, construction and other fields

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Product Introduction

Volvo is Sweden's largest industrial company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of trucks, buses and industrial engine blocks.

For a long time, its three core values - quality, safety and environmental protection - have been closely associated with its brand.

Volvo diesel generator sets use imported Swedish VOLVO engines, which are favored by customers worldwide for their reliable performance, strong horsepower, green environment protection and humanized safety design.

It is widely used in the power part of automobiles, construction machinery, ships, etc.

It adopts advanced technology to optimize the combustion process and reduce the cost of continuous load operation. The optimally designed shock absorber, precisely matched supercharger and low-speed cooling fan reduce the noise when the unit is running, and the emission reaches the German TALuft standard, and the EFI emission is far better than the German TALuft standard.

Volvo has been fully committed to the research of reducing the fuel consumption and emission of diesel engines.

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SHILIDER products include SD series diesel generator sets, SG series gas generator sets, heat dissipation system, control system, power distribution system, biogas pre-treatment system, biomass gas pre-treatment system, etc. Among them, the generator sets include open type, container type, silent cover type, trailer type, mobile light tower and other types. The single power of diesel generator sets covers 1.5KW-2000KW. SG series gas generator set single power covers 10KW-10MW.

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Technical Parameter

Unit Model Rated Power(KW) Standby Power(KW) Model Cylinder bore(mm) Stroke(mm) Displacement(L) Dimension(mm)
SD77V 88/70 96/77 TD530GE 108 130 4.76 2100*900*1500
SD88V 100/80 110/88 TAD531GE 108 130 4.76 2100*900*1500
SD110V 132/100 145/100 TAD532GE 108 130 4.76 2200*950*1500
SD132V 150/120 160/132 TAD731GE 108 130 7.15 2200*950*1600
SD165V 188/150 206/165 TAD732GE 108 130 7.15 2500*1060*1650
SD180V 200/165 220/180 TAD733GE 108 130 7.15 2650*1100*1650
SD220V 250/200 275/220 TAD734GE 108 130 7.15 2650*1100*1650
SD286V 325/260 358/286 TAD941GE 120 138 9.36 2900*1200*1800
SD330V 375/330 413/330 TAD1343GE 131 158 12.78 3050*1200*1800
SD350V 400/320 450/350 TAD1344GE 131 158 12.78 3050*1200*1800
SD400V 450/360 500/400 TAD1345GE 131 158 12.78 3200*1200*2000
SD440V 500/400 550/440 TAD1641GE 144 165 16.12 3300*1400*2200
SD500V 550/450 600/500 TAD1642GE 144 165 16.12 3300*1400*2200
SD550V 625/500 688/550 TWD1643GE 144 165 16.12 3300*1400*2200

Note: The output will vary depending on factors such as material and feed particle size

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